Pull off Main Road 6 and discover Luumäki!

Luumäki is a locality in South Karelia halfway between Kouvola and Lappeenranta. Surrounded by waterways and divided by one of the Salpausselkä ridges, it offers visitors an interesting history and magnificent wilds for hiking.


Pastoral Luumäki comprises several lively villages and the municipal seat of Taavetti, built around the Taavetti fortress which was established in 1773 by Catherine II of Russia.

History enthusiasts will find much of interest in Luumäki, including Stone Age rock paintings, the Taavetti fortress, Salpa Line or a bunker line built during the Interim Peace between the Winter War and the Continuation War, and the home of President P.E. Svinhufvud (December 15, 1861 – February 29, 1944). A visitor may also encounter stories of Constantia Charlotta von Lieven, P.E. Svinhufvud’s journey to Siberia, or the past life of the rural villages with lumberjacks and factory owners. The fortress, the local history museum, and the church designed by C.L. Engel are all worth visiting.

Nature lovers can explore the waters by kayak or boat, hike in the wilderness trails, and take a rest at lean-tos. The options include the Kivijärvi boating route, and the Väliväylä kayaking route that was used as a floating route by lumberjacks in the past and which has several stopping places. Huopaisenvirta and Tolpankangas hiking routes and Pärsäniemi recreational area are excellent destinations for daytrippers.

Several summertime events that are well worth seeing are organized in the Luumäki region annually. These include Vallijamit, Marttila village’s open air market, and the various festivals organized by the villages during the summer.

Whether it’s just for the day or for a longer holiday, Luumäki has much to offer those in search of leisure, culture and relaxation!